5 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Movebutter Packaging

It’s your fourth Movebutter order and you’ve got giant cardboard boxes, bottles, containers, and lids galore. Instead of throwing them away, try reusing your Movebutter packaging in these creative, yet simple ways.

1. Use the bottles as jars for pens, paintbrushes, or candy.


2. Or create a desk organizer out of the box’s flaps.

3. You can also use the 32 oz. bottles as candy storage or as gifts.

4. Fill up the 16 oz. jars with coffee grounds and the 8 oz. jars with chocolate for a holiday gift.


5. Use two Movebutter 14″ x 14″ boxes to make a shelf. Simply cut off the flaps, stick the boxes together, and wrap it up with wrapping paper.

The cardboard can also be used as a canvas for painting, a background for handmade cards and signs, or just as a piece of cardboard lying in your house.



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